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PICT4739With us you have a great start for your day. You get up with a varied breakfast buffet with cereals, coffee, teabar, good juices, homemade pastries, fresh boiled eggs and all you wish for a great breakfast.

Thanks to the 7-years-stay in Spain, of the owner Sabine, you’ll find different spanish Tapas on the Menue: small dishes with spanish inspiration and Austrian food. Everything fresh and homemade. And of course you will not miss the typical Austrian meals as Gulash and Wiener Schnitzel as well as a big variety of creative vegetarian meals. Enjoy selected Austrian wines and from the surrounding around the Bisamberg and Vienna.

You also have the possibility to take away all our meals, and for children we are offering a special Kids-menue.

465823_10151886715444688_729523032_oFresh Herbs

Herbs own a lot of positive atributes for the body and are at the same moment they suite perfect to improve our plates. All herbs we are using are from our own garden. You are invited to have a look on it.



Providers from the Genussregion Österreich

To pamper you, nearly all the products we are using are from Austria and especially from local farmers and producers. More information here





Our events, special offers and other interesting news you find in the  News


Menu Pub

Please ask for our daily recommendations

We cook with fresh herbs from our garden, and with a lot of local products

Austrian Tapas ….small snacks… be able to try several plates or as a starter

Styria beetle beans salad with core oil und sheep cheese     €3,90

1 homemade blunt potato bag on red turnip and Styrian horseradish     €3,40

Polenta medaillons escalloped with tomatoes, Chorizo, brie and homemade cherry chutney


Various spanish goods – two homemade Empanadas, croquette the spanish way with Aioli  €4,20

“As it used to be” Marrow bone – with garlic dark rye bread €   3,60

1 breaded and fried meatball with potato salad    € 3,30

Fish and Chips – Pike perch slices with french fries and sauce tartar dip   € 4,30

More Tapas on our daily recommendations


To Start with…..

Beef consommé with sliced pancake, semolina dumplings or liver dumplings   € 3,40

Seasonal Cream soup


Crunchy and fresh from our Viennese farmers

Farmer Salad with falafel- chickpeas balls, refined with walnut and oranges, completed with our homemade mustard- herbs –dressing     € 8,90

Chicken salad – In pumpkin seeds fried slices of chicken served on

potato-lamb’s lettuce salad  € 9,90

1 piece of Bread from our local baker, with 100% local cereals   € 1,20

Our waiters will inform you about the allergic ingredients in our food


Main courses

Beef-goulash with bread dumpling   € 9,20

“Wienerschnitzel“ breaded and fried escalope of pork with a side dish of your choice  € 9,20

“Hausschnitzel“ – Cordon bleu filled with cheese, ham, onions and hot peppers, served with French fries   € 11,90

Fried beef and onions in gravy with fried potatoes, baked onion and a gherkin (pickled cucumber)    €14,90

½ fried chicken from local farmer with potato-lambs lettuce salad    (takes 20 minutes) € 12,20

Boiled Frankfurter Sausage with mustard and horseradish, with a piece of bread   € 5,20

Fried meat balls with potato mash and baked onion   € 8,20 ….we recommend with Green salad, cabbage salad or our cucumber salad + € 3,50


Strebersdorferhof Specials

WRAP – Wheat tortilla, filled with rack of pork, cheese, tomatoes and onions, salad, served with  Nachos and garlic dip   € 8,50

Escalloped Pumpkin Wrap – Wheat tortilla, filled with beetle beans, Hokkaido pumpkin, rice, sheep cheese and rucola, excalloped with cheese, served with cracker and dip    €8,90

Strebersdorferhof-Burger.  200g Beef-burger with farmer bacon, cheese, lettuce and fresh tomatoes, onions, served with French fries   € 10,90

Oven potato mediterran – filled with spinach, olives, dried tomatoes, oregano, sheep cheese, served with salad and Spanish aioli    €7,90 with grilled chicken breast stripes or beef stripes    +€3,90


Without meat

Homemade fresh Potato pancake (without eggs) gratined with spinach and sheep cheese, escalloped with tomatoes, mozzarella and garden- herb- pesto, with fresh Rucola   € 7,30 (takes 15 Minutes)

Cheese-flour-dumplings with onion and spicy cheese, served with green salad   € 8,20 ……..if you want also with bacon +1,00

“Krautfleckerl” Pasta with roasted and caramelized cabbage, served with a gherkin (pickled cucumber)   € 7,20 ……additional with spicy chorizo +€1,00

Austrian “Waldviertler” bio-carp breaded and fried in poppy seeds, served with potato –lambs lettuce salad € 15,50

Crunchy Grilled Pike perch with pesto noodles, herb butter and stewed tomatoes    € 14,40


Desserts …..for all still having some space.

2 pancakes with apricot jam € 4,40

Poppy seed cake with egg liqueur and fruits € 5,20

Homemade cream cheese strudel    € 3,40 ….. with vanilla custard   + € 1,50 ……with 1 ball of vanilla ice cream   + € 1,20

Baked apple pieces with vanilla custard and cinnamon – sugar    €4,90

Drinks Pub


Sparkling wine with or without orange  0,1l          3,60

Aperol Prosecco                                                     0,1l          4,10



Draft beer

Ottakringer helles

0,2l           0,3l         0,5l

2,10        3,00       3,80


Gold Fassl ROTES ZWICKL 0,2l           0,3l         0,5l

2,30          3,30      4,10


Citrus Radler (half beer half limonade)         0,5l          3,80

Gold Fassl Dark beer 0,5l          3,90

Without Alcohol        0,5l          3,80

Budweiser           0,5l          4,10

Schneider Weisse weiss beer       0,5l          4,40

Paulaner yeast non- alcoholic      0,5l          4,40



Weisser Spritzer  (half white wine half soda)     0,25l          2,30

Roter Spritzer  (half redwine half soda)       0,25l          2,30

Aperol Spritzer       0,25l          3,40


Grüner Veltliner HOUSEWINE; Wg. Hagn          1/8l          1,70


Bl. Portugieser HOUSEWINE, Wg. Hagn           1/8l          1,50




„Soda lemon“ or water with lemon juice***        0,25l          1,50          0,5l    3,00

Water or soda with elderberry juice *** 0,25l          1,50             0,5l           3,00

Soda           0,25l          1,10          0,5l    2,20

Fresh orange juice        1/8l          2,40



Himbeer Kracherl***            0,35l          2,50

Frucade Orange   (Fanta)        0,35l          3,00

Pepsi Cola, Pepsi Cola light             0,33l          2,90

Almdudler (herbal lemonade)           0,35l         3,00

Rauch Ice Tea Lemon or Peach         0,35l          2,90

Tonic            0,20l          2,90

Rauch Fruit Juices: Orange and Multivitamin         0,20l          3,10


Sparkling or non-sparkling water     0,33l          2,20            0,75l          4,30

Red Bull         0,25l          3,70


Farmer Fruit Juices!

Williams Pear            0,25l Fl.    4,10

Currant – Apple Juice    0,25l Fl.  4,10

Apricot nectar               0,25l Fl.    4,40

Apple- carrot juice       0,25l Fl.      3,80

Natural Apple juice (not filtered) out of 1l bottles    0,25l     2,60

Natural white grape out of 1l bottles       0,25l     3,10





Small Espresso  (with or without milk)    2,20

Double Espresso (with or without milk)   3,80

coffee with milk             3,00

Latte Macciato (Espresso with a lot of milk)     3,60

Coffee with milk and whipped cream           3,60


Hot chocolate with milk                      3,00

Hot chocolate with cream                           3,60

1 cup hot water with citron or honey           2,40



Carajillo – small espresso with Brandy                 4,60

Baileys Cafè Latte –  small espresso with milk and baileys     5,60




SONNENTOR Tea                        3,40

…with lemon or milk                           +0,30

Daily Menu

Every day from Monday to Friday we offer a special Lunch Menu

2 courses 6,90

3 courses 8,60


We are offering every day different bowels, started with liver, we also serve kidneys, heart, brain and a lot more



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